What does a licensed insolvency trustee do to help with debt?

What does a licensed insolvency trustee do to help with debt?

What does a licensed insolvency trustee do to help with debt? Debt can bring a dark gray cloud over your head and stay there for seasons. It can rain on you and batter down hard! However, we can help you weather your way through this tight situation.


A Licensed Insolvency Trustee (also known as an LIT) is a federally-regulated professional who can provide personalized advice concerning your individual or business debt concerns. The idea of being neck-deep––or worse––buried in debt is frightful, and a Licensed Insolvency Trustee will be your lifeline when you find yourself in such a financial fiasco.


What can a Licensed Insolvency Trustee do to help with my debt, you ask yourself…


We can give you direction.


Feeling lost is a normal thing to feel when creditors come knocking at your door or when your mailbox AND email inboxes are flooded with overdue statements. There is a way out of this situation you find yourself in and we can help you navigate. Our goal at Laura Gyldenbjerg and Associates is to help you regain control of your financial situation and life choices moving forward so you don’t find yourself in the same pit again! Allow us to evaluate the situation you are in, give you the personalized support you need, and get you out stronger than ever before.


We can enlighten you with options.


There are government-regulated insolvency or debt-related proceedings which allow you to be legally discharged from your debt. Doing this without professional guidance can be overwhelming. We can help lessen that burdensome feeling weighing you down. We have been in the industry for 26 years and during an appointment with you, we will find the best way to get you out of whatever financial difficulty you are in.


Making informed decisions and taking professional advice is the first step to tackling your financial problems head on, and we are here to help you find what works best for you. You go to a doctor when you’re sick; consider us the doctors who can help with your financial health status. May it be submitting a consumer proposal to your creditors, filing for bankruptcy, or another way we determine (together!) most suitable for you, our job is to efficiently help you handle debt and make sure you thoroughly understand these undertakings every step of the way.


We can take action––with and for you.


The importance of support cannot and must not be underestimated in times of financial trouble. We encourage you to be open to all forms of support you can get through trying times––may it be from friends and family or your trusted Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Just thinking about your debt/s and how to deal with it can really dampen your mood, and having a strong support system is essential.


We want to be part of your support system, and we can take on the professional facet of the matter at hand. May it be an individual debt problem or a larger business-scale concern, we got your back. Allow us to be your umbrella when the gray rain cloud of debt pours on you. Feel confident with the knowledge that a team of professionals are effectively handling your financial woes.


Creditors sending you follow ups and tracking you down can make you feel like never wanting to deal with the world again. We can take care of that. Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help with debt problems by dealing with your creditors for you. Furthermore, if you find yourself dealing with an unsecured creditor, you can rest assured that we’ll cover all bases to ensure they can no longer initiate and continue further collection of funds from you.


Breathe. Take a moment to acknowledge that there are ways out of debt and we can walk you through it. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment today and take that first step towards making better financial choices!


You deserve a second chance! The Laura G. debt free plan can help you gain control of your life’s choices and eliminate the harassment by creditors!

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