Valentine’s Day Way Too Expensive

Valentine’s Day Way Too Expensive

Valentine’s Day Way Too Expensive. Valentine’s Day just passed and you might be looking for ways to make it more memorable for you and your significant other in the years to come. It’s that day of the year where grand gestures and sweet surprises are known to happen. While it is undeniably nice to make an occasion out of the day of hearts, have you ever asked yourself what you are truly celebrating?


The feast of St. Valentine is a celebration of love and affection. All over the world, the most common way of celebrating it is by giving sweets to who you are in love with. Over time, and for some people, the expression of love became more and more grand. What used to be simple dinner dates with chocolates and flowers turned into a night out on a private yacht, or a trip to some exclusive island. Other grand Valentine’s Day gestures include buying not just flowers or chocolates but jewelries or luxury items––sometimes even cars or properties. These are all pleasant surprises, but going back to the core of what is celebrated on this day, the material gifts aren’t what it’s about.


Think back a little on what this day symbolizes––love. Intangible, but expressed. The ways of expressing it do vary and certainly, giving gifts is one of the five love languages (based on Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate), but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. At times, the pressure of competing with others and the feeling of living up to your partner’s expectations can really put a weight on your shoulders, and this applies to several facets of your life––not just on Valentine’s Day. But think of the bigger picture; spending a grand amount on one day can have a lasting impact on your future.


Imagine this: You start with an expensive fancy box of chocolates. The following year, you buy a designer item. The next year, you get a high-end gadget. In an effort to continuously one-up your previous Valentine’s Days, you might be hurting your finances. You may find yourself facing financial problems because you bought an expensive gift to surprise your significant other with, and keeping up with it may cause financial issues. Different spending habits, different goals and expectations, or secrecy concerning finances can all ultimately contribute to a failed relationship.


Date Ideas Which Won’t Break Your Budget


You can make your Valentine’s Day dates sweet and memorable without hurting your finances. This is where the maxim “it’s the thought that counts” can come into play, and you can definitely take advantage of it. Consider these date ideas which won’t break your budget:

  • Candle-lit dinner. Buy your dinner of choice or have a glass or two of wine with your partner while enjoying a candle-lit ambience at home. Amp up the romantic vibes with scented candles!
  • Go retro – Find an amusement park or fair which you can go to and have fun. It’s time well-spent with your loved ones that count the most.
  • Be sentimental – A bit more of a personal approach, think of an activity which is special to you and your partner and add an element of surprise to it. No, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe get a little customized keepsake to commemorate the day. It is the meaning behind your actions which will be remembered.
  • Do something new together – New shared experiences can make relationships last longer. Try taking a one-day pottery class or perhaps go rock climbing. The possibilities of new activities to try out are endless!


If you do, however, find yourself facing financial problems because of previous years where you spent a lot of money on gifts or celebrations, we can help you out. We understand how burdensome financial expectations can be, and we know there are ways to get out of that financial rut! May it be budget planning, debt consolidation, consumer proposals, or a declaration of bankruptcy, we will help you sort things out. We will find tailor-fitted solutions for the financial situation you find yourself in, and you can make better money-related decisions moving forward following our tried and tested methods. Don’t lose hope and allow us to walk you through any financial entanglement you may find yourself in!


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