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Back to School Budget Implications

Going back to school marks the start of a new financial chapter in parents’ lives. It is a season that brings some financial changes along with it. Budgeting for tuition fees, books and school supplies, along with lunch money looms overhead. Each household manages their own school year budget differently, and in order to stay […]

Have you filed your taxes for this year?

Have you filed your taxes for this year? Financial responsibilities just do not stop. Tax season may be over, but did you file your taxes? Canadians are required to file their taxes on a yearly basis. However, for various reasons, individuals as well as businesses, fall behind filing their tax returns. Those who have not […]

A Father’s Role in the Family’s Money Matters

A Father’s Role in the Family’s Money Matters. Fathers are the pillars of the home. A certain sense of strength and stability come from the head of the family. When it comes to a household’s budget, what do fathers usually impart to their children? It is known that even in pre-historic times, it is the […]

A Mother’s Role in Budgeting

A Mother’s Role in Budgeting. Mothers are naturally nurturing. There is an undeniable bond between parents and their children, and while both genders nowadays have opportunities to make money to contribute to the family’s expenses, there are times when a mother carries a heavier and more burdened feeling. Most women take a huge financial role […]

Preparing for Your Retirement

Preparing for Your Retirement. The world has had a tough year, and for many of us, this has led to moments of reflection and finding out what our priorities are. The decisions we made, the money we’ve spent, and more importantly, how much money we have left. These thoughts at the back or forefront of […]

Spring Break Ideas and Realignment for Tax Season

Spring Break Ideas and Realignment for Tax Season. Tax season is here and the need to prepare your financial statements and reports can feel like everything is breathing down your neck. Add to that the thought of being penalized if you don’t get to submit before tax season ends. Stressful! But wait, things don’t end […]

Valentine’s Day Way Too Expensive

Valentine’s Day Way Too Expensive. Valentine’s Day just passed and you might be looking for ways to make it more memorable for you and your significant other in the years to come. It’s that day of the year where grand gestures and sweet surprises are known to happen. While it is undeniably nice to make […]

Finding Personal and Financial Calm in this Global Storm

Finding Personal and Financial Calm in this Global Storm. There are a lot of things we cannot control and the year 2020 has reminded everyone all over the world how at the end of the day, people are just people susceptible to disease, and defenseless against unknowns. Everything can change drastically in just one moment […]

Regaining Financial Footing During a Pandemic

Regaining Financial Footing During a Pandemic… COVID-19 has impacted the lives of millions. We still cannot ascertain the full impact of its effects physically, financially, and emotionally among others. No one could have anticipated how it has shaken the world, but there are ways to address some of the unknown and the fear that comes […]