Spring Break Ideas and Realignment for Tax Season

Spring Break Ideas and Realignment for Tax Season. Tax season is here and the need to prepare your financial statements and reports can feel like everything is breathing down your neck. Add to that the thought of being penalized if you don’t get to submit before tax season ends. Stressful! But wait, things don’t end there.

“Honey, did you check on the kids?” There are hardly ever breaks when you have kids, and working on your taxpayer’s reports can take even longer when you’re simultaneously having to look after your little ones. With the March break here, everybody’s inside the house and spending time together… those tax reports might take the back seat for a while.

Make the most of your time together by trying out these activities which you can do for cheap:

  • Visit your local park to enjoy spring activities;

While it can still be cold and wet, you will find that a walk in the park––as cliché as that may sound––actually can be beneficial for you and your family as a unit. Take some time away from the screens and gadgets (maybe except when you take some photos together) and enjoy an open park near you.

  • Work on a puzzle together;

Ever tried a 500-piece puzzle? How about a thousand? You and your kids, younger and older ones, can work together on a puzzle; there are loads of inexpensive ones to choose from online with designs your kids will be interested in. Have them choose the design to pique their interest. Up the ante by setting a goal to finish or incentivizing with their favorite treats when they finish before your agreed date. You’d be surprised at how fun it can be and seeing the picture you chose come together!

  • Easter egg creation/scavenger hunt;

We’ve put this in a single entry and this is for the younger kids. Get a bunch of non-toxic paint, paint brushes, and some eggs. Paint your preferred characters or patterns on the eggs and either do a scavenger hunt with them or put them back in the fridge to smile at each time you open it. For a scavenger hunt, distribute candy or other treats, but tell the kids you placed a smaller amount of candy than you actually did. The looks of surprise on their faces when they keep counting and looking for more will all be totally worth it.

  • Have some chefs in training;

Get your kids interested in doing some things in the kitchen by going the foolproof pizza or taco making route. Prepare all of the ingredients/toppings and have them decorate their own pizza. This encourages creativity and might even start a new weekly thing for your family. Allow them to feel safe in the kitchen and don’t mind things getting a little messy for a while.

Enjoy your culinary masterpieces after! What’s great about this is some of the ingredients are most likely in your pantry already, so there would be minimum spending involved.

There are always reasons to smile and you don’t have to put a dent in your wallet to create lasting joyful memories with your loved ones. As parents, however, there are things behind the scenes that must be taken care of. This is the time of the year when you can look at your budget, your goals, cashflow, and game plan. Ask yourself some important questions:

  • Does the budget cover all bill payments and more than just the minimum amount?
  • Seasonal expenses. Are you covered for the year?
  • School expenses. Are these taken care of?
  • What are my sources of income?
  • Do I need to readjust my current goals?

These are just some of the questions which can help you have a view of your year ahead. Reevaluate and find stable footing. If at any moment you find you need professional help, BOOK YOUR FREE NO OBLIGATION JDUGEMENT FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!

We understand your hesitations, and we just want to let you know––no judgements here. We’re here to help you out and take some stress off your shoulders. Book a consultation today and we’ll show you how we can help.

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